M&A | Carve-outs | SAP Data Transformations in 24 Hours or Less!


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Globally, more than $3.6 trillion in mergers and acquisitions happened in 2019 alone. And the outlook for all business transformations, including divestitures and carve outs, is rising driven by the pandemic situations. Mergers & Acquisitions help organizations to secure their further growth and ensure their very existence. Companies also often decide to outsource, spin-off or sell individual business units. Some are divesting certain divisions in order to focus more strongly on their core business – others want to raise capital for investments in further growth.

However, M&As, Carve-outs are incredibly complex by nature and executing data migration, the centre piece of all transformations is often the most daunting aspect to ensure fast, secure and remote implementations with Near-Zero Downtime.

View this virtual session to discover how to:

  • Deliver data and process harmonization
  • Ensure faster ROI and risk-free implementation
  • Utilise synergy effects in the infrastructure and common pro­cesses
  • Provide an efficient system within budget for the carved-out unit
  • Secure, legally compliant data transfer to the buyer of the divested unit
  • Merge enterprises and systems with due diligence support and without business disruption
  • Save up to 70% of the time, effort, and cost of your project, compared to traditional methods
  • Reduce the complexity of your SAP project through best of breed selective data migration scenarios

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