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Making your data more powerful​

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Flexible, reliable and seamless data integration 

High-volume data extraction in real-time ready for analytics.

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Secure data integration tool for business-critical data



Data integration software for connecting large volumes of SAP and non-SAP data with the leading cloud platforms



SNP Glue offers data extraction from tables and objects in SAP as well as a robust and recoverable Change Data Capture (CDC) method



SNP Glue offers a long history of SAP expertise that meets high industry standards and is certified through many partnerships

Safe and certified

SNP Glue is an SAP-certified ABAP add-on for SAP S/4HANA, SAP NetWeaver and RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud certified. SNP has been an SAP Silver Partner for more than 20 years and is constantly working to maintain seamless compatibility with SAP BLT and SAP Datasphere.​

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Our Partnerships

Discover how SNP Glue and our partners together enable organisations to effortlessly integrate SAP landscapes, increase efficiency and drive innovation. We're Cloudera certified and a Microsoft Azure Preferred Solution. We've also set up long-term partnerships with Snowflake, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

Eliminate data silos and enable easy access throughout your organization

invest in data initatives and solid data models but only 20% see their models in production



Part of the ecosystem

SNP Glue provides platform-agnostic connectivity that includes out-of-the-box connectors to more than 40 different targets. This platform-agnostic approach means you can choose the best cloud, multi or hybrid strategy that fits your needs, ensuring your storage is future-proof and providing the flexibility to adapt to additional or different targets as needed.

SNP Glue simplifies data integration in hybrid environments without disrupting the business


SNP Glue is data integration software for your existing SAP and non-SAP applications that can push data and respond to requests from target systems. It also features change data capture (CDC) and data streaming, as well as enabling event-based architectures.​

By harnessing SNP Glue for data integration, you can easily break down business data silos to make data cross-functionally and securely accessible to everyone though a modern data platform. SNP Glue is very easy to install as an ABAP add-on on your existing SAP systems and is also available as an SaaS solution with a user-friendly web UI. This enables you to quickly generate insights without time-consuming and tedious data preparation.

Designed as an ABAP add-on or SaaS, the software fits seamlessly into your existing maintenance practices. 


 SNP Glue in the cloud is now available! Watch the virtual launch summit on demand.

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  • SNP Glue
  • SAP data integation
  • SNP Glue
  • SAP data integation

Getting business value from large data volumes

In this Insights paper, we look at the challenges of getting good business value out of large amounts of data along with real stories from organizations like yours.

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Man in a blue button-up shirt stands in a server room holding an open laptop
  • SNP Glue
Man in a blue button-up shirt stands in a server room holding an open laptop
  • SNP Glue

Best practices for integrating your SAP data into your cloud platforms

Selectively integrating SAP data into cloud platforms can provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to store, process, and analyze data for large organizations.

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Our experts can demonstrate how we connect your SAP systems to your cloud platforms, and get the data flowing both ways in real time. Get ready to democratize your data and empower teams across your organization with self-service business intelligence, custom app frameworks and more. 

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