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A smart data management solution for SAP BW

Data Keep all your valuable data without straining the budget

Data is one of the most important resources that organizations have at their disposal. High-quality data ensure that processes run smoothly, but first and foremost it helps to understand customer behavior and build better relationships. The key is not only to collect various types of data but also to accurately analyze and transform it into value. However, the volumes of data that companies need to handle, create considerable storage costs and a high total cost of ownership (TCO), especially when running on powerful technologies such as SAP HANA. These guarantee maximum speed and performance, but the more data there is, the higher the costs.

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Drive down costs Apply a solid data management strategy to drive down costs

Find the sweet spot by identifying the data you really need. SAP systems are easily cluttered with temporary data, low-value data or infrequently needed data. The first step is to classify data and then archive or delete it.

Precise data management lowers costs, improves data quality and slows down data growth. When done right, data management creates long-term benefits for a company.

Files Save up to 50% storage space and gain ROI within 6-18 months

SNP Outboard Datatiering is the only solution on the market that can cover all SAP BW systems – SAP BW on HANA or other SAP-supported DB, SAP BW/4HANA, and even SAP HANA native DB tables. It has SNP own archiving interface but also supports all SAP standard archiving interfaces (NLS, DTO) and picks the right one based on the given use case. 

It also supports various target storage solutions, ranging from traditional databases such as MSSQL, Oracle, DB2 and IQ to big data technologies like HDFS, Hadoop Hive, and Impala through to cloud-based solutions including Snowflake, Amazon S3, Redshift, Microsoft Azure blob, SQL, Synapse, Google Cloud, etc. All this ensures that you can use the best storage technology for you in terms of costs and future architecture. SNP Outboard Datatiering combines data offloading and archiving in a single solution. In practice, it can save up to 50% of storage space. In the long run, it slows down data growth and improves system performance, therefore lowering your overall SAP TCO. The ROI is typically realized after 6 to 18 months, depending on initial system size and archiving potential.

Key benefits


Saves BW storage space by up to 50%


Stays in line with the current and future architecture


Supplies write-enabled archived data


Provides guided implementation wizard and inbuilt offloading / data usage analysis


Contains double future-safe, architecture-ready for BW/4HANA, easy storage to storage migration

Data growth

Slows down data growth



Brings ROI in 6–18 months


Improves system performance

Success Story

Outboard handled the customizations brilliantly, allowing us to make Z transactions archive-relevant. The seamless nature that the product has to retrieve old and new data, even with our customizations, is one of the main reasons we chose SNP.

Mathew Alves

Director of Enterprise Applications at United Farmers of Alberta

An illustrated woman looks at a figurative representation of Big Data with a magnifying glass

Drive down costs Data is still accessible where you need it

Usually, data is difficult to access after the offloading/archiving phase. SNP Outboard Datatiering offers additional access options beyond the SAP standard that allow not only traditional types of access through the SAP front end, but also enable you to retrieve offloaded/archived data on big data platforms. As a result, modern forms of reporting are possible, as well as access to historical data for AI/ML training algorithms, where historical data is critical for accurate results.

SNP: a trusted partner

SNP is committed to long-term partnerships with Microsoft Azure, Snowflake, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Cloudera to ensure the best combined solution for its customers.

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