Migrating SAP data to Snowflake in less than three weeks

Romande Energie

Moving SAP data to the Snowflake Data Cloud platform with limited resources

Looking to streamline their operations and drive innovation, Swiss electric services company Romande Energie opted for moving their SAP data to the cloud and building a data warehouse. They chose the Snowflake Data Cloud platform, which offers advanced reporting capabilities and facilitates data sharing. Apart from the new functions and the option to report on data throughout various systems, the shift to the cloud also came with cost savings.

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SNP Glue as the spot-on solution for a smooth cloud migration in just under three weeks

A small team of five people faced the challenge of moving SAP data from its original source to the newly established Snowflake environment. With limited expertise and resources, the team grappled with the complexities of this migration, seeking a solution tailored to their needs. Romande Energie chose SNP to support them with the migration to the cloud. SNP offers its in-house SNP Glue, a powerful and easy to use data replication tool. With a straightforward implementation process, the team at Romande Energie seamlessly replicated SAP data into the Snowflake platform. Following a series of workshops on using the new platform, the team became adept at unlocking its full capabilities. SNP Glue’s change data capture feature proved instrumental, enabling the swift daily replication of large tables in delta mode. With ongoing support from SNP consultants, the project concluded efficiently in just three weeks.

Accelerating transformation: the business advantages unleashed 

Following their cloud-first strategy, Romande Energie succeeded in replicating their SAP data into Snowflake. They were ready to address their next business challenge – efficiently ingesting large amounts of incoming data, particularly from smart meters. The move to the cloud also set the ground for future SAP S/4HANA implementation. The advantages offered by this collaboration with SNP are multifaceted. The team experienced newfound ease in managing and replicating SAP data, streamlining their operations significantly. 

Romande Energie’s leadership in the sustainable tech landscape

The successful data migration to Snowflake enabled Romande Energie to accelerate business value delivery, drive innovation, gain independence from IT, and ensure the necessary resource segregation. In the context of the energy industry, the shift was pivotal – embracing a cloud-first strategy to navigate the evolving landscape shaped by IoT data from smart meters.

In just three weeks, Romande Energie not only tackled their immediate challenges but positioned themselves as trailblazers in leveraging technology for sustainable growth. The success story of SNP Glue and Snowflake’s integration at Romande Energie demonstrates the power of strategic partnerships and innovative solutions in propelling businesses forward in the era of digital transformation.

Romande Energie’s data revolution: from cost savings to innovation

  • Cost savings: Shifting to the cloud not only provided new functions but also came with cost savings, offering a more economical solution for the company. 
  • Rapid cloud migration: Leveraging SNP Glue, the team achieved a smooth cloud migration, showcasing the efficiency and speed of the solution.
  • Independence: The move to Snowflake and the use of SNP Glue allowed Romande Energie to gain independence from IT challenges, giving them more control over their data management.
  • Innovation driver: The adoption of Snowflake’s advanced reporting capabilities and data sharing functions empowered Romande Energie to drive innovation in their processes.

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    Feb 2023

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    3 weeks


The implementation of SNP Glue was a game-changer for our team. The simplicity of the process, coupled with the comprehensive support from SNP professionals, made the transition incredibly smooth. It not only addressed our technical challenges but also brought newfound ease to our day-to-day operations, allowing us to navigate complex data replication with remarkable efficiency.

Nils Rinaldi

Data Team Lead

About Romande Energie


Pioneering environmental leadership, this company spearheads the transition to sustainability with 100% renewable Swiss energy. A trailblazer in the sector, they operate thirty hydroelectric facilities, nearly a hundred solar farms, two biomass power plants, and two wind farms. About 40% of their electricity is self-generated, while the rest is secured through strategic contracts and market acquisitions.



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