Data governance & compliance

Test management

To ensure quality and minimize risk, you need test management that is professional and efficient, but most importantly, right for your needs. Early detection of errors and risk-based testing reduces your effort and costs, and at the same time you can align your activities with your business priorities.

We can combine your test management with your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes and tools. This gives you an end-to-end link from the requirements, affected business processes to the test case. You can easily determine the test scope for each test level and have an overview at any time of necessary or missing test cases, status of test execution, number of errors and can give a qualified statement on the successful execution of the test.

Three illustrated people, two women and one man, arrange large puzzle pieces with large coins on the ground representing revenue, a clock representing project timelines
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Test automation makes it easier

Automating your testing processes is a great way to make sure no steps are missed, save time and minimize risks in general. However, organizations hesitate to set up automated testing processes because it looks complicated and time consuming to set up. Working with our experienced ALM team means you get the advantages of our experience in automating test processes, and a partner in developing a strategy and plan to implement it in your business. We not only help you find the right test automation tools for your unique needs, but we're with you right through planning to integration. 

We're with you every step of the way

Our test managers and test management specialists support you from the initial strategy to the test concept with a methodical approach. They will walk you through the structure of the test organization, and the selection and introduction of tools to coaching in the project. We also offer our own specially designed software, SNP Validate for data integrity testing and SNP Test Data Organizer for providing and masking test data.

Two illustrated people work on laptops, one sitting down and one standing up, with a magnifying glass centered on a bug in the data - representing testing systems

We wanted to standardize and optimize Test Management processes with the SAP Solution Manager. SNP guided us through the overall conceptual design process and helped us to find solutions for our special needs.

Elisabeth Degoutrie & Detlef Deinert

SAP Program Manager & SAP Project Manager/ Developer, HCC – Hesse Competence Center



Increase data quality while minimizing risk through efficient test management processes, organization and test impact analyses


Time and cost savings through optimal test stages, test execution and automation


Defect management process ensures efficient error correction and real-time evaluations so you can act fast