Interpret your data for different stakeholders across the business


Your data can do more

Make your data available for powerful data science applications so you have a real-time, 360-degree view on your business. With streaming data integration and real-time CDC and ETL, reports that used to take weeks now take hours. Not only that, but you can feed data back into your SAP systems as well as send it to your cloud environments, so everything is up to date, everywhere. 

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Truly democratize your data

Empower your teams to make data-driven decisions every day. Pulling data from different sources, including your business critical SAP systems, means you can provide teams across the business with access to self-service business intelligence dashboards, custom apps and more.

Success Story

SNP Glue handled the replication of our custom-built tables magnificently. Our long-term plans for Glue are to use it whenever and wherever we can.

Lisa Snow

Project Manager & Manager at UFA Cooperative

SNP Glue

This ABAP add-on connects those central SAP systems to your cloud platforms, making it available for powerful data science applications. No need for new hardware or extensive training either.

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See it in action

Our experts can demonstrate how we connect your SAP systems to your cloud platforms, and get the data flowing both ways in real time. Get ready to democratize your data and empower teams across your organization with self-service business intelligence, custom app frameworks and more. 

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