CrystalBridge Interface Discovery

Safeguard your interfaces

IT transformation projects, process redesigns or changes in IT infrastructure are notorious for breaking your interfaces. This leads to expensive and unplanned delays and downtime while you go back through your landscape to find the problem. Ideally these interfaces would be documented, but that’s not always the case. Having a complete and up-to-date description of your communication topology can make the difference between a smooth go-live and a disastrous one. CrystalBridge Interface Discovery is an automated process that maps out all your interfaces quickly, so you can take action right away.

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Clean out old interfaces

It’s not just about the interfaces you’re currently using – old interfaces can cause real problems. Undocumented or obsolete interfaces lurking in your systems can make them vulnerable security breaches, or even just derail projects unexpectedly. But with CrystalBridge Interface Discovery, you can run automated scans of your systems to keep track of all these interfaces and eliminate what you don’t need before it causes problems.

Simplify auditing and compliance

Interfaces are necessary connections to other systems, but they can also be a security risk. Security audits often require complete documentation of all interfaces for compliance reasons. Interface Discovery makes this a painless process. Identify gaps in secure communication, unused interfaces, critical system usage, unusual access patterns, and communication to and from sensitive systems up front before you have a major security breach.


How does Interface Discovery work?

Interface Discovery is a fully automated, cloud-based solution that continuously discovers interfaces and changes in the communication topology across any size SAP landscape. It covers all SAP-supported protocols like RFC, WS/http, IDOC/EDI, DBCO as well as file interfaces. Non-SAP components can be connected to the solution through an API.

The collected usage and meta data are uploaded into CrystalBridge, which produces an easy-to-understand graphical and interactive UI for analysis and reporting. Results provided by the solution can be used for updating documentation and building up an interface inventory.

Key benefits

Graphical UI with interactive selection options

Identify security gaps

Automated discovery of all inbound and outbound interfaces

Easy documentation of interfaces

Fulfill compliance and audit requirements

No unpleasant surprises during IT infrastructure change and transformation projects

100% software-based solution for minimal effort and footprint

Solid foundation for interface management

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Make your SAP S/4HANA transition smooth and straightforward

Our CrystalBridge platform can make your shift to S/4HANA quick and secure. Let our experts walk you through how we automate many of the tedious tasks in transformation, which can drastically shorten your project timelines. 

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