SNP Establishes SAP® Focused Build at REWE, Paving the Way for S/4HANA

Rewe Systems

The Challenge

REWE pursues ambitious goals in introducing S/4HANA for processes in finance and accounting: Several SAP systems and processes are to be harmonized in the financial and accounting sector in order to consolidate them into a new central S/4HANA system. At the same time, standard templates and mandatory group-wide requirements are to be defined, and numerous internal developments to be evaluated and reduced to a minimum in S/4. The inconsistent initial situation also reflected the project organization: Project members from multiple organizational areas came together and contributed different previous knowledge and various perspectives on IT tools,processes and methodology.

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The Solution

SAP® Solution Manager with Focused Build was quickly identified as an integrative platform for project implementation. However, the project-wide alignment and setup of the requirement-to deploy-process including its roles, functions and responsibilities as well as the definition of suitable communication channels have been very demanding for REWE’s own IT service provider REWE Systems and for SNP. Consistent process documentation also proved to be a key factor for steady progress in the project. After several years of use, the documentation has been reviewed extensively and restructured according to end-to-end business processes. This was followed by the design and implementation of integrative test management. As a result, the company is well positioned for iterative deployments and global rollouts. A continuous process-oriented approach, familiar IT processes and functions, clear roles and responsibilities as well as suitable communication channels enable the people involved in the still ongoing project to focus on the core tasks and goals, to successfully perform multiple releases and rollouts every year even under changing conditions and to continuously improve the process.

The Benefits

  • SNP expertise in the organizational and methodical implementation of SAP Focused Build
  • Coaching and consulting for the definition of project roles in the requirement-to-deploy process
  • Expertise in establishing a process-oriented approach
  • Broad expertise in the processes and functions of SAP® Solution Manager and SAP Focused Build

Key Facts

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    Project type

    Introducing and using SAP® Solution Manager and SAP Focused Build for the implementation of S/4HANA

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    Retail industry

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    SAP Solution Manager with SAP Focused Build

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    Countries involved


Introducing the agile methodology based on Focused Build as an integrative platform with our partner SNP has established the basis for group-wide IT harmonization in the finance and accounting sector.

Stefan Caspers

Project Manager S/4HANA transformation project ReBe 4.0 at REWE


About Rewe Systems


REWE Systems is the solution provider for information and telecommunication systems of the REWE Group. REWE Systems plans, designs, develops, configures and operates efficient systems and applications for the REWE Group – one of the leading retail and tourism groups in Germany and Europe with around 384,000 employees. Around 1,300 IT experts set standards for the implementation of IT in the retail industry and develop new technologies