Cloud data integration

Cloud migration

Be super flexible with a move to the cloud

Scalability, security, business continuity, accessibility – organizations move to the cloud for many different reasons. The ability to scale your usage quickly and easily without sinking a big investment into large data centers is a huge benefit. But getting there can be challenging. Is it secure? How long will it take to transition? But your cloud migration doesn’t need to be a sprawling project with long timelines and security concerns – there are tools to help you on that journey quickly and safely.

With our data management platform CrystalBridge, you can get a complete overview of your system landscape and can make an informed decision about how and what you move to the cloud. Cover all your compliance and security concerns with guided processes and automated data testing, so you can be sure you haven’t missed a step.

Illustrated person looking at a large laptop with an arrow going up and one going down, with the image of a cloud, representing cloud data integration

Make it easy with CrystalBridge®

Our powerful data management platform CrystalBridge can make your cloud move simpler and smoother.


Reduce effort with predefined transformation scenarios and guided processes


Transition to the cloud with near-zero downtime


Generate an accurate roadmap with realistic project timelines


Automate your system configuration and run sizing simulations

Success story

With the complex challenge of an SAP data carve-out, a project integration and an S/4HANA transformation, we engaged Centiq and SNP to complete this project with minimal business disruption and downtime.

David Robinson

Head of IT, BSW Group