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SNP ALM Integrator

Integrate SAP Solution Manager or SAP Cloud ALM with Atlassian JIRA, ServiceNow or Azure DevOps

Closer connections mean more efficient working

Efficient and smooth work can only happen if the tools and processes are integrated into a tool chain, avoiding time-consuming and error-prone manual activities. With our integration platform, we have been integrating a wide variety of tools and processes with SAP Solution Manager or SAP Cloud ALM for about 15 years. For the leading platforms such as Atlassian JIRA, ServiceNow or Microsoft Azure DevOps, we offer ready-made software products that keep effort and complexity to a minimum. This allows SAP Focused Build, Change Request, Incident and Defect Management processes to be flexibly integrated across tool boundaries into a common tool chain.

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Simple integration means you can get started right away

Our software solution is based on the official REST API in many ALM tools and supports both on-premise and cloud. Installation and configuration happens entirely in SAP Solution Manager, so the connected applications remains unchanged. This provides a particularly maintenance-friendly integration solution. SNP ALM Integrator comes with preconfigured scenarios for the integration of SAP Focused Build, Change Request, Incident and Defect Management. Not only that, but you can easily adapt the software to your own processes without additional development effort thanks to its extensive configurability. 

Success Story

Upon joining the Planmeca Group, our change process between ServiceNow and SAP Solution Manager had to be established within a short period of time. Otherwise, smooth maintenance of our SAP systems would have been unthinkable. With SNP’s ALM Integrator for ServiceNow, we found a solution that got us there in a quick, reliable and cost-effective way.

Stefan Walter

Manager SAP Business Applications, KaVo

Key benefits


Fast deployment

With standard scenarios, project execution in two weeks is possible



Custom field and attachment mapping between the target system and the SAP Solution Manager


No middleware

Secure direct connection between the SAP Solution Manager and the target system


Enhanced process

Multiple scenarios can be configured and aligned with the existing processes


Seamless integration

Ensure up-to-date data and eliminate data loss and mismatch


Stable and transparent

Monitoring and queuing in the SNP ALM Integrator allows for a full overview and complete control


Easy to update and maintain

All data transfer is configured in the SAP System and no development in the target system is required


Wide range of supported systems

All REST API-enabled platforms are supported including Atlassian JIRA, MS Azure DevOps and ServiceNow

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See how you can reduce your manual efforts

Let our experts show you how to build your integrated toolchain. See how fast and easy Focus Build or Solution Manager can be integrated with Jira, ServiceNow, and Azure DevOps

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