CrystalBridge Transformation

Increase the flexibility of your migration projects

At the beginning of a migration project, you have to make some major decisions about scope and whether you're making major process changes. This can have a huge impact on the course of the project. From S/4 migrations and carve-outs to harmonizations and divestitures, good decisions at the beginning of a project can keep your digital infrastructure lean, competitive and innovative. SNP CrystalBridge Transformation is with you at every stage of your project, guiding you through the steps from initial analysis to final validation. 

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You're in control

With SNP CrystalBridge Transformation, you decide. You decide the migration scope. You decide whether you're going with a big bang or a wave approach. You can also choose to migrate at any time in the fiscal year, not just year end, taking the pressure off at an already busy time. With the flexibility of CrystalBridge, you can also combine projects to save resources and your teams' time. Our Near-Zero Downtime method makes it possible to execute your projects without disrupting the business.

Over 2000 customers have trusted CrystalBridge Transformation to successfully migrate their business critical systems. 

Safe, secure and certified

CrystalBridge Transformation comes with our experience from over 20 years of data migrations. With prepared analyses, predefined project plans, hundreds of transformation objects and much more, you benefit from our hard-won knowledge. This is how we're able to offer a high level of automation without compromising the flexibility and granular control to fit your needs. 

Our approach works so well, SNP CrystalBridge has been certified by EY and PwC.
SNP CrystalBridge Transformation is a member of SAP S/4HANA Selective Data Transition Engagement. In addition, the CrystalBridge Analysis Extractor is SAP-certified (integration with SAP S/4HANA) and the procedure with SNP DTS is KPMG-certified.

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Moving to the cloud with SNP

As the core technology within digital transformation, the cloud ensures transparent, agile and flexible processes while increasing profitability – provided that companies get everything right from planning to implementation.

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Key benefits


Speed: By using automated processes and predefined best practices, implementation speed can be increased significantly leading to shortened project times and faster results.


Minimize risk: Virtually error-free migration by enabling comprehensive pre-testing and simulation of system changes


Vendor agnostic: Not tied to specific software vendors and can be used in different IT landscapes


Flexibility: Perform many types of migrations including system consolidation, system harmonization, system migration and upgrade


Efficient: By automating transformation processes, manual tasks are reduced, saving time and resources, and enables rapid reuse of tested transformation patterns


Minimize downtime: Using real-time synchronization and the ability to perform the transformation in small steps, business interruptions can be kept to a minimum

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Make your SAP S/4HANA transition smooth and straightforward

Our CrystalBridge platform can make your shift to S/4HANA quick and secure. Let our experts walk you through how we automate many of the tedious tasks in transformation, which can drastically shorten your project timelines. 

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