Data management & transformation

Carve out & divestitures

Data can shape the deal

Whether you need to spin off a specific geographical operation or compliantly carve out the data operations for a company sale, how you manage the data is key. When data is managed manually in these processes, it’s easy for mistakes to creep in and the timelines to stretch into weeks and months. Getting an accurate picture of the data you’re dealing with is critical. By running a system scan, you can get an in-depth overview of the data across multiple systems in a single day.

Automating tedious data transformation tasks can not only speed up the process so you can complete complicated divestitures quickly, but you can be sure the data is being handled compliantly.


Make it happen with CrystalBridge®

CrystalBridge is our powerful data management platform. From here, you can:


Analyze your SAP systems and identify unused data


Actively monitor your transformation so you know exactly what is happening to your data at every stage


Make a clear blueprint for your transformation project


Archive or decommission data and applications you don’t need in your production systems, while staying compliant

Success story

With the complex challenge of an SAP data carve-out, a project integration and an S/4HANA transformation, we engaged Centiq and SNP to complete this project with minimal business disruption and downtime.

David Robinson

Head of IT, BSW Group

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Make your move to the cloud smooth and easy

Utilizing our data management platform, CrystalBridge, you gain a comprehensive understanding of your system landscape. This enables you to make informed choices on what and how to transition to the cloud. Book a demo today and see what it can do for your ogranization!

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