CrystalBridge Monitoring

Keep an eye on everything at once

Tracking down problems in your SAP systems can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. Whether you’re in the middle of moving to S4/HANA, or just running everyday activities, unexpected downtime costs your organization money. Don’t waste anymore time trying to track down issues by going from one system to another while your management is frantically messaging you. With CrystalBridge® Monitoring, you can pinpoint the problem quickly and easily using clear, graphical dashboards that monitor different software layers, systems, and servers across your SAP landscape.

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Find the root cause, quickly

CrystalBridge Monitoring features sophisticated content and preconfigured thresholds, so you can get started with only an hour of set up. Easily customizable dashboards allow you to focus on use cases, whether it’s transformation work, operational performance, capacity management, data availability or backlog in interfaces and more. As well as technical performance indicators, CrystalBridge Monitoring captures relevant details in databases and applications, making it easy to locate precisely where a problem is and eliminate the root cause.

How does Monitoring work?

CrystalBridge Monitoring uses both SQL-based KPIs and custom ABAP collectors to measure almost anything from response times and availability of web services to backlogs in processing by factory or country and business-related KPIs. You can use CrystalBridge Monitoring during your migration to S4/HANA to make sure you’re using all your resources efficiently, and for post-migration activity as well. By automating your monitoring, you can avoid unplanned downtime and free up IT teams for more important work.

Key benefits

Fast implementation, preconfigured content and thresholds, be up and running in 1 hour

Automatic retention management

Low maintenance effort, low resource requirements

Improve system performance and stability

Flexible KPIs using SQL or ABAP collectors

Optimal resource utilization and downtime reduction during transformation projects

Monitoring of performance and availability for managed services

Improved root cause analysis

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Make your SAP S/4HANA transition smooth and straightforward

Our CrystalBridge platform can make your shift to S/4HANA quick and secure. Let our experts walk you through how we automate many of the tedious tasks in transformation, which can drastically shorten your project timelines. 

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