Take Command of the Most Complex Transformations

Graphically visualize and interact with your SAP landscape, to accelerate and secure business transformations. CrystalBridge is the "command center" for transformations.

Transform at warp speed

Enterprises are continuously changing. Mergers, company sales, acquisitions, and restructuring. Many companies also recognize the need to invest in replacing their existing IT systems to keep pace with technological change, as well as the increased networking and digitizing of entire business models. Every change directly affects IT.

SNP focuses on transforming business-critical and highly sensitive data in ERP systems with CrystalBridge and its automated SNP transformation platform. SNP software and services help companies rapidly adapt business models through an automated and risk-minimized process.

SNP White Paper:

Near Zero: Closing the Gap between Business and IT Strategy

Learn more about how SNP software can reduce the gap between business and technology to near zero, accomplishing what can often take months or more in just days and weeks.