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Enabling business agility

Data migration and management has changed radically in the past few years. From increasing cloud adoption rates to near-constant data migration projects, your needs are different than they were.  

That’s why we have enhanced and expanded our popular data migration and management platform to work with more sources and targets, incorporate our powerful data integration tools and integrate solutions from our rich partner ecosystem. 

You need to be able to react quickly to changing market conditions and take advantage of opportunities as they appear. With SNP Kyano, your data landscape will be able to adapt and move with your business decisions.



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What’s different about SNP Kyano

CrystalBridge®, trusted by 7 out of 10 international system integrators, remains for all your SAP to SAP data migration needs. SNP Kyano expands those capabilities in every direction.  

Migrate and integrate Any to SAP and Any to Any 

Your data landscape is not limited to your SAP systems, and our platform will not be either. With SNP Kyano, you will be able to use our automated processes and guided procedures to derisk and speed up your data migrations from any source to any target.  


Unlock more ecosystem integrations 

Our marketplace will give you access to many useful integrations like customization management, data quality monitoring and improved authorization concepts, with much more to come.  

Continuously monitor your business agility 

Our powerful system analysis will be able to show you your level of data-enabled business agility with an up-to-date Agility Index dashboard, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions quickly. 

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PR Jun 21 Pic 1.jpg
  • Press release
PR Jun 21 Pic 1.jpg
  • Press release
6/21/2024  |  3min

Transformation World 2024: SNP expands its CrystalBridge solution for improved integration and greater business agility

Heidelberg, Germany, June 21, 2024 – SNP SE, a leading provider of software for digital transformation, automated data migration and data management in the SAP environment, announced at its flagship conference Transformation World the expansion of its CrystalBridge solution with new capabilities. In the opening plenary session, CEO Jens Amail introduced the SNP Kyano platform that supports the company’s strategy as an enabler of digital transformations and business agility. Kyano is a major evolutionary step with extended capabilities: It offers tighter ecosystem integration, is more agnostic to source and target systems, and provides ongoing services for customers to improve data-enabled business agility.

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