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RISE faster

Make your move to RISE quick and easy

Realize your SAP RISE projects in record time. The templated approaches and automated procedures in our software platform CrystalBridge makes it possible to combine several significant projects into one, cutting timelines and risk dramatically. Whether you need to move to the cloud and SAP S/4HANA simultaneously, streamline your systems, carve out part of your business or restructure your data ecosystem, we can help make it happen in your SAP RISE project.

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Do it all in one

No one wants a lot of downtime and endless project cycles – not you, not your colleagues. With SNP’s end-to-end software platform CrystalBridge, you can roll several major modernization projects into one project timeline. With monitoring built in, you can see what’s going on every step of the way while at the same time minimizing downtime and risk.

Make it happen with CrystalBridge®

CrystalBridge is our powerful data management platform. From here, you can:


Analyze your SAP systems and identify unused data


Actively monitor your RISE project so you know exactly what is happening to your data at every stage


Make a clear blueprint for your RISE project


Combine several projects into one, reducing downtime and risk

Success story

SPAR Austria and SNP once again formed a powerful team for the SAP S/4HANA finance transformation and were able to master the ambitious project requirements. It was definitely an advantage that the SNP team already knew the systems and could start the project immediately.

Christian Silberberger

Senior Tech Lead SAP Finance, SPAR

Success story

Together with SNP, NotCo was able to implement the SAP S/4HANA solution in the AWS Cloud, designing a unique business model that we progressively put into operation in all the countries where we operate and that, in turn, could also be used for new markets.

Federico Filipelli

VP Global Controller, NotCo

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Make your SAP S/4HANA transition smooth and straightforward

Our CrystalBridge platform can make your shift to S/4HANA quick and secure. Let our experts walk you through how we automate many of the tedious tasks in transformation, which can drastically shorten your project timelines. 

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