Migration of Coop’s SAP systems to the cloud in just 10 hours


Smooth upgrade and migration of two substantial SAP systems to the cloud in near-zero downtime

Coop, a leading retail and trading company, opted to upgrade and migrate their two substantial SAP S/4HANA systems to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC). The goal was to enhance system performance, scalability, and operational efficiency. Coop sought the expertise of SNP to ensure a seamless and efficient transition using CrystalBridge Transformation, targeting minimal downtime and maximal operational continuity.

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Upgrading and moving two SAP S/4HANA systems to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud as part of RISE with SAP in near-zero downtime

Following a successful initial migration to SAP S/4HANA, Coop partnered with SNP for the second phase: Moving their SAP S/4HANA systems to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) as part of the RISE with SAP program. The project involved migrating two highly significant SAP S/4HANA systems:

  • CTC trading system: 1 terabyte
  • CCR retail system: 8 terabytes

Additionally, the project entailed a system upgrade from  SAP S/4HANA 2020 FP1 to SAP S/4HANA 2022 FP2.

These systems are critical to Coop’s operations, generating approximately CHF 16 billion in revenue annually, which is 50% of Coop’s total revenue.

One of the major challenges was the stringent downtime requirement. SNP was allocated only an 18-hour window to complete the migration of both systems. Given the size and complexity of the systems, this presented a considerable challenge that required extensive testing and validation activities.

Despite the demanding requirements, the entire migration process was effortless for Coop. The project spanned 11 months and included three test cycles. During these cycles, SNP made crucial tweaks and improvements to ensure a smooth and error-free transition.

Smooth go-live eight hours ahead of the planned downtime

SNP utilized its powerful software CrystalBridge Transformation to migrate the systems and SNP Validate for comprehensive data testing and validation. Thanks to these advanced tools and the expertise and experience of SNP’s consultants, the migration to the cloud was fast, smooth, and error-free. SNP successfully completed the migration in just 10 hours, eight hours ahead of the allocated downtime.

SNP’s meticulous planning and technical expertise facilitated the successful upgrade and migration of Coop’s critical SAP S/4HANA systems to the cloud. Completing the migration within a reduced downtime enabled Coop to swiftly benefit from enhanced operational performance and reliability.

The Benefits

  • CrystalBridge Transformation for smooth system upgrade and migration
  • SNP Validate ensures comprehensive and automated data validation
  • Downtime reduced to only 10 hours

Key Facts

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    Project type

    Migration to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

  • bulb_icon_white.svg


    CrystalBridge Transformation and SNP Validate

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  • income_icon_white.svg

    System size

    8 TB and 1 TB

  • calendar_icon_white.svg


    11 months

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    System type


  • downtime_white.svg


    10 hours

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    May 2024

SNP exceeded our expectations by completing the migration of our SAP systems to the cloud in just 10 hours, well ahead of the planned downtime. The entire process went smoothly, allowing us to seamlessly continue our operations with enhanced performance and reliability.

Stefan Gempp

Head of IT Marketing & Purchasing at Coop


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