Carve-out, S/4 migration and cloud move in a single step at BSW Timber

BSW Group

The Challenge

Following the sale of the Building and Supply Solutions division of SCA Wood UK, there was a requirement to carve-out the divested entities and associated data from SCA’s global SAP ECC system into a new dedicated SAP system for BSW on Azure Cloud. Due to the tight timelines associated with the transitional service agreement (TSA), the initial requirement was to provide BSW with a 1:1 carve-out from ECC to ECC followed by a later project to perform a Brownfield upgrade to S/4HANA post-divestment. During the early stages of the project, BSW expressed concerns about having multiple business downtimes and disruptions for the carve-out and Brownfield projects respectively. As a result, and on the recommendation of SNP, the project evolved into a BLUEFIELD™ carve-out to S/4HANA, which enables the carve-out, migration to S/4HANA and move to the cloud all combined in a single project with one set of testing and a single go-live.

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The Solution and Benefits

SNP was engaged to perform the carve-out and migration, providing infrastructure design and build and project Basis activities. The project was delivered in conjunction with Centiq.

Centiq’s team stood up all the necessary network and infrastructure requirements for Azure. Centiq provided critical support throughout the project to ensure the cutover was achieved within the business downtime window.

The SNP delivery approach included two test migration cycles and a dress rehearsal prior to the cutover. The cutover was successfully delivered in approximately two days and included the carve-out of BSW-relevant data, migration to S/4HANA and move to Azure Cloud. All of this was delivered in just six months, with the project going live on December 31, 2021.

  • Single project to both carve out the relevant data and move to S/4HANA on Azure
  • Automated analysis of systems allowing for easy assessment of system landscape, in scope organizational units and approach for migration
  • Tried and tested SNP approach of ECC to S/4HANA allowed the project to be delivered in good time prior to the end of the TSA and align to the scheduled business downtime
  • SNP’s unique BLUEFIELD™ approach saved BSW precious downtime and money by no longer requiring a separate, later project to perform a Brownfield upgrade to S/4HANA.
  • SNP’s automated approach and proprietary software reduced the project time by months and enabled the cutover to complete one day ahead of schedule.

Key facts

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    Project type

    BLUEFIELD™ Carve-out to S/4HANA on Azure

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    Countries involved

    United Kingdom

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    CO, EC, FI, FIN, LE, LO, MM, PP, PS and SD

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With the complex challenge of an SAP data carve-out, a project integration and an S/4HANA transformation, we engaged Centiq and SNP to complete this project with minimal business disruption and downtime.

David Robinson

Head of IT, BSW Group

About BSW Group

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BSW Group is the largest integrated forestry business in the UK - and it has five main operating divisions: tree nurseries, forestry, sawmilling, timber manufacturing and energy. The group has seven sawmills in the UK and one in Riga, Latvia. BSW manufactures and supplies a wide range of quality, FSC®-certified sawn products for an array of industries, including fencing, landscaping, cladding, construction, DIY, decking, and packaging. Having undertaken a GBP 125 million investment program over the last 10 years, BSW is committed to supporting sustainable forestry.



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