Wired for success: navigating the digital current in the utilities industry

At the heart of digital transformation are data-driven decision making and operational resiliency, and these two pillars are critical for utilitiy companies to survive and thrive in 2024 and beyond.

We saw soaring energy prices, rising inflation, and increasing concern about the reliability of the grid that has become more complex to operate. Utilities want to reduce their carbon footprint to net zero, but labor, materials, and capital challenges have made this goal difficult to attain.

And utility companies are also facing new competitors from the technology industry. Tech giants such as Amazon or Google are already tapping into the energy market with their smart home devices, delivering insights on energy usage and trends to the consumers. And the consumers also have different expectations – they are digital natives who prefer to obtain information through digital content vs. traditional advertising, and who rely on the recommendations of their peers and trusted organizations.    

To stay ahead of the curve, the energy utilities are set to redefine their service value proposition. This includes maximizing operational resiliency, embracing data-driven decision-making, and identifying game-changing advanced technology use cases supporting all aspects of the business. The conditions are favorable: Cloud computing prices are falling, machine learning and AI solutions are more available, and data cleaning and management tools are improving.


Leading utilities who have embraced digitalization are experiencing measurable improvements such as:

Up to 30% increase in field worker productivity due to AI-powered scheduling

Up to 80% capital reallocation due to ML insights into asset health

Up to 30% increase in customer satisfaction

Over 30% rise in service reliability and resiliency

Our SAP expertise in the utilities industry

SNP has over 30 years of experience in delivering solutions for the utilities industry. We have been instrumental in accelerating the transformation of utility companies all over the world, including NorthWestern Energy, Distrocuyo, Energie AG, Conergos, Nebraska Public Power District, and Siemens Energy.


The experts at SNP helped us implement one of the most complex and innovative projects in our history, and we did it on time and on budget.

Jeanne Vold

CIO NorthWestern Energy


S/4HANA transformations: Greenfield, brownfield and BLUEFIELDTM

Embark on the S/4HANA journey with confidence. SNP has extensive expertise in greenfield, brownfield, and BLUEFIELDS/4HANA transformations. Whether you're building from scratch, optimizing existing systems, or seeking a hybrid approach, our solutions align with your unique business requirements.

  • Benefit from our experience with over 600 S/4HANA migration projects, including successful transformations for major players in the automotive industry

  • For every project, we offer our custom-built CrystalBridge data management platform for analyzing, archiving, restructuring, and migrating data securely and quickly to new systems or cloud environments.

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Clean core and consolidated systems: Data archiving and housekeeping 

Make sure that your essential information is securely preserved while decluttering your system. Establishing a clear core contributes to improved system performance, cost savings, faster recovery processes, enhanced scalability, optimized data lifecycle management, and stronger support for business intelligence initiatives. 

  • Clean out old and unused data from your SAP landscape with no effort thanks to SNP Outboard Housekeeping

  • Archive data in a cost-effective storage solution of your choice with SNP Outboard ERP Archiving

  • Decommission your legacy systems and mass archive data to a cost-effective storage solution – including retention management, legal hold, data destruction and flexible access to data and documents with SNP Outboard Datafridge

Move to the cloud and elevate with SNP Glue

Cloud platforms offer advanced reporting capabilities and facilitate data sharing. Apart from the new functions and the option to report on data throughout various systems, the shift to the cloud also comes with cost savings.

  • We help companies move to the cloud, build data lakes and establish a single source of truth with our data integration software SNP Glue

  • SNP Glue works both with SAP and non-SAP applications, making it a one-size-fits-all solution for building a robust data platform

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