Software-supported Logistics Leadto More Sales: SNP Migrates Steiffto S/4HANA

“Bringing SNP on board was the perfect decision for this important project. I can therefore recommend SNP to any company planning to convert to S/4HANA. I was particularly impressed with the close and collaborative working relationship with our team, which enabled us to complete the conversion on time despite the significant COVID challenges.” - Dirk Petermann, CEO Margarete SteiffGmbH


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SAP S/4HANA implementation on the AWS Cloud benefits VPC across the entire value chain
SAP S/4HANA implementation on the AWS Cloud benefits VPC across the entire value chain

SAP S/4HANA implementation on the AWS Cloud benefits VPC across the entire value chain

“With SNP, VPC was able to implement the SAP S/4HANA solution for the full cycle of our operation by installing the application in the AWS cloud“ Lucas Basile, CIO, VPC

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At a glance

The Challenge

Sales of Steiff’s children’s clothing and plush toys are largely characterized by seasonal business and campaigns. For example, more goods are sold at Easter and Christmas. In the fashion industry, sales fluctuate depending on the season and new collections. It is therefore particularly important to ensure that supply is tailored to the demand and the target group, so that goods are available when they are needed. After all, out-of-stock goods lead to lost sales and frustration for customers both young and old.

With this in mind, Steiff planned to introduce software-supported logistics with its own distribution centers to increase flexibility and ensure precise deliveries. For this purpose, the existing SAP ERP system needed to be migrated to SAP S/4HANA. In the new system, the SAP industry solution “IS Retail” also had to be activated in order to map master data in detail. A selective transfer was planned for the data from the previous system.

The Benefits

  • One-step approach to achieve rapid and cost-efficient project implementation
  • Project backlog avoided thanks to an early conversion to S/4HANA combined with the certainty of having the best partner on board for the crucial conversion
  • Switch to state-of-the-art SAP technology enables Steiffto benefit from highly reliable planning for future technology investments
  • Greater efficiency, variability and flexibility for campaigns and seasonal business
  • Significantly less effort required for future master data maintenance due to harmonization of business partners
  • Smooth business continuity due to very short downtime
  • Customized system conversion through integration of BAPI technology for retail/fashion –individually tailored to the retail and fashion business

The Solution

In addition to selectively migrating the existing SAP ERP system to S/4HANA, a new structure was created for the specific needs of the retail and fashion industry.

The transfer of merchandise previously posted as industrial articles to retail/fashion master data involved new variant configurations for the various clothing sizes and product groups.  The  migration  was  performed  using  the BLUEFIELD™ approach  and  CrystalBridge® – The Data Transformation Platform. This project was the first installation worldwide with the solution “S/4 Migration with Retail Industry Component (Add-ons).”

All the project goals were achieved to the customer’s complete satisfaction in terms of quality and timing. In the event of changes at short notice, the SNP team was able to respond flexibly and, together with the Steiff team, ensure an error-free and rapid system conversion.

Key Facts

Project Type

Move to SAPS/4HANA

Unique Aspects

Customized system conversion through integration of BAPI technology for retail/fashion –individually tailored to the retail and fashion business.


Selective migration by time slice; technical migration of business partners; activation of New GL with ledgers without document split; implementation in one-step approach;affectedSAP modules:FI,CO,AM,MM,SD,PP,QM, PM , Retail, Fashion, third-party applications; harmonization of business partners and distribution channels.

Source System

  • Target system:S/4HANA1909 SP02 with the components Retail and Fashion


  • IBM Power8 (OS400) DELL Vmware(SLES)

SNP Products

The data migration from SAP ERP to S/4HANA was carried out using the SNP BLUEFIELD™approach andCrystalBridge®–The Data TransformationPlatform.

The following CrystalBridge®modules and components were used: Mission Control (MC), Interface Scan (If), Transformation Cockpit (Tc), Data Consistency Verification (Dc), Automated Testing (At).



22 months


Data records

2.8 billion


Countries involved

Germany, USA


Partners involved

2 (All for One, Conseno)






100 %

About Steiff

The story of the traditional German company with its iconic “button in ear” began in 1877 when 30-year-old Margarete Steiff founded a felt clothing business. The first soft toy made of plush was created from a pincushion by chance. In 1902, Margarete Steiff’s nephew Richard designed the first teddy bear, which was presented at the Leipzig Toy Fair in 1903 and led to the company’s international breakthrough.

Today, Steiff is the world’s best known plush animal manufacturer and has stood for exceptional quality, well-tested safety, perfect design and first-rate materials for over 141 years. In addition, Margarete Steiff GmbH produces high-quality children’s fashion and accessories.



Giengen a. d. Brenz, Germany


Project order

Migrate the existing SAP ERP system P01 to SAP S/4HANA



Retail & Fashion