Werner Judt  


SNP surprised me again. I had an unforgettable time with my family during my sabbatical. And who would have thought that new career opportunities would follow?

Werner Judt

Director Solution Sales CEU

How I started at SNP  

I didn’t originally plan to change jobs. I came across SNP by chance in 2017 and quickly became convinced that they were the right employer for me. Thanks to SNP’s hands-on mentality during the onboarding process, it didn’t take me long to start supporting existing customers on my own and acquiring new customers. This ultimately led to me assuming responsibility for one of the largest global customers as a key account manager after just a few months.

SNP has shown me that commitment translates into tangible success. At the beginning of 2021, I took on the role of Director of Sales and was responsible for a dedicated software sales team.

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My “be more” journey

Almost three intensive and instructive years later, I felt it was time to take a break to realize my own dreams and broaden my horizons. And the best part? My feeling was taken seriously. Despite my responsibility for the team and the lack of an internal sabbatical policy at that time, my boss supported my desire to take a two-month career break from the very beginning.

And with that, I embarked on a tour of Europe with my family in a camper van.

During the trip, I suddenly needed a completely different set of skills. Traveling along the narrow coastal roads of the Côte d’Azur or across the Pyrenees in an enormous camper van? Challenge accepted!

The change from daily Teams calls and dozens of e-mails to a digital detox made me really appreciate the time I spent with my family outdoors. In particular, the opportunity to break out of my daily routines and choose different routes spontaneously changed my perspective on many professional issues too, helping me to approach challenges that arise in a more relaxed way.

After a fantastic time with more than 20 stops in 6 countries, I returned to work. After my time off, a new career opportunity opened up for me at SNP:

Since the start of 2024, I have been the head of a larger team that focuses on SNP’s core business in the area of SAP transformation, and I’m looking forward to strengthening the team and helping my colleagues achieve personal successes.

“Be more” means to me:


  • Embracing change
  • Taking time for self-reflection
  • Making progress, even if it means taking a step back
  • Being happy about your own successes and those of others
  • Leaving your own comfort zone on a regular basis
  • Being open to the unknown