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IT transformation projects are an opportunity. You just need to start (right).

With over 2,000 SAP systems analyzed since 2019 and 14,500 transformation projects in total, we can assure you – we know what we’re talking about. One of the success factors we see in our projects is starting with a clear and transparent view of the system.

What is the SNP CrystalBridge ERP System Analysis

SNP’s ERP System Analysis provides you high-level insights into your data so you know exactly what you're working with and what you need to do. Whether you're looking at a post-merger integration, restructuring the business, moving to SAP S/4HANA, or incorporating cloud platforms, our powerful data management platform can help. 

The scan is fully GDPR compliant and captures meta data only. For more information please see this FAQ document.

What can you find out with SNP CrystalBridge ERP System Analysis

  • System validation and recommendations for improvements
  • Interactive graphical view of company locations, organizational structure, hierarchies and organizational unit usage
  • Insight into business data objects and data volume
  • Evaluation of relevant Fiori apps
  • Custom code check
  • Authorization & security check
  • Business Partner check
  • Impact analysis of SAP S/4HANA simplification items
  • Usage of SAP ECC modules and components

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