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Simplified SAP Carve-Outs for Divestiture Success

Historically, when carving out a business from SAP for the purposes of a spin-off, sell-off, or split-off, many complications arose: carving out a piece of operations (e.g., a plant), identifying what data stays and what goes, ensuring data isn’t lost in the process, dealing with operational disruption, and managing a risky, expensive, lengthy project. Now there is a far better path to success. 

Join SNP for Episode 3 of our Data Dialog Series: Simplified SAP Carve-Outs for Divestiture Success. In this session you will learn about divestiture challenges and best practices, SNP’s unique approach, and some real-life examples where carved-out entities became self-sufficient faster than what was thought possible. 
Who Should Attend:
• SAP system owners and IT leaders
• Finance and Business Transformation Leaders responsible for divestiture opportunities to generate growth


Contact person:

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Darren Shaw

A&D Competency Leader & VP of Marketing at SNP

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Since: 2/28/2024