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Introducing SNP Glue ABAP: Simplifying data integration for your SAP landscape

SNP Glue ABAP is a certified add-on that integrates your data from SAP ECC, S/4HANA or BW applications into your cloud data platform. It has been developed according to industry best practices and ensures efficient, reliable and secure data integration processes. Benefit from its simplicity – a straightforward, linear architecture enables a seamless connection to cloud platforms.


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Best in class

Elevate your business efficiency with the best-in-class date extraction solution for SAP interfaces

Simple architecture

Optimize your processes with our data integration solutions featuring simple architecture, SAP authorization and CI/CD integration

Enterprise ready

An enterprise-ready solution that is designed to your business needs and can be easily integrated into your corporate environment



Efficient configuration thanks to the innovative and familiar cockpit in the SAP interface.



SAP Data Extractor

Effortlessly integrate SAP data using intuitive controls, enhancing your workflow with ease

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Monitor your processes easily and stay informed with real-time insights


Introducing SNP Glue Cloud: Streamlining data integration in the cloud era

A Software-as-a-Service solution that orchestrates data replication from multiple source systems. Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, SNP Glue Cloud enables you to simplify your processes while improving functionality and scalability. With its user-friendly interface and easy integration with target platforms, SNP Glue Cloud enables you to maximise value and drive innovation.

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High performance

Fast and performant data replication of large volumes of data in real-time without impacting the source system

Orchestrate data replication

Easily orchestrate data replication, using Glue ABAP as a connector

Data source extension

Connect to additional data sources from the SAP ecosystem such as Ariba, non-SAP sources such as Salesforce, and more

SNP Glue Connector for SAP – seamless and cost-effective data integration in Snowflake 

When bringing SAP data to Snowflake, every data set needs to be transitioned from the raw layer to the consumption layer. A complex set of actions is required to prepare the data and make it consumable. Minimize the time spent on data preparation by using the SNP Glue Connector to automate the process – also available in the Snowflake Marketplace. 

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Native integration

Dedicated native integration to Snowflake, optimized for real-time data ingestion

Easy connection

Seamless data integration by directly connecting SAP to Snowflake

Certified solution

SAP-certified ABAP add-on for NetWeaver, S/4HANA and RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

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