Mining dynamics: Navigating data challenges with SNP's expertise

In mining, handling data can be tough. But don't worry, we're here to help. At SNP, we're experts in SAP and S/4HANA. We'll make sure your mining company runs smoothly and stays ahead of the game. Join us as we explore how to tackle data challenges and revolutionize mining technology. 


North America SNP CTO Steele Arbeeny talks data management and the mining industry

Curious about how data management impacts the mining industry? In this exclusive interview, our North America CTO, Steele Arbeeny, shares insights gained from working with mining industry clients worldwide.

Steele has collaborated with mining companies to streamline their data management and migration projects, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced efficiency.


Mining companies encounter similar data issues as other industries, but with unique drivers. For instance, they must manage vast amounts of historical data related to ore extraction, market prices, and mine operations. This historical data is crucial for economic calculations, investor recruitment, and regulatory compliance. However, maintaining and processing this data becomes increasingly burdensome over time, hindering the adoption of new enterprise applications and operational efficiencies. Additionally, as the mining industry transitions towards e-mines and smart mines, uninterrupted data flow is essential for remote sensing, predictive analytics, and safety improvements. The reliance on real-time data further exacerbates the impact of downtime, making it challenging to implement new technologies and innovations. Therefore, minimizing downtime and optimizing data management are critical factors for successful technology adoption and operational efficiency in the mining industry. 

Agility is key in designing architecture for mining enterprise systems, considering various data needs like retention, safety, security, and adaptability to future innovations. Siloed data across multiple systems and data quality issues hinder agility, leading to incomplete analytics and decision-making. To address this, companies should avoid multiple ERP systems and consider in-memory platforms like S/4HANA for real-time data requirements. Legacy data formats pose a challenge to consolidating systems, requiring migration and harmonization for unified analytics and real-time access. This harmonized data is crucial for accurate AI adoption, ensuring reliable predictions and safe operations. 

As the world population continues to grow at unprecedented rates, the demand for greater quantities and innovative natural resources will rapidly grow. This means the criticality of developing new mines, as well as achieving the maximum output from existing mines, will be an ongoing burden for the foreseeable future. Technology improvement has a direct benefit on both developing new mines, maximizing efficiency of operating mines, and restoration and remediation of discontinued mines. As mentioned before the technology innovation of smart mines and e-mines offers direct benefits in all of these areas. However, one cannot embark on these innovative paths without the proper technical foundation. SNP has a proven track record of over 30 years in delivering the optimized SAP data migration and transformation that power this innovation. As the market leader in selective data transition to S/4HANA, SNP is enabling the largest enterprises to merge, harmonize and simplify their enterprise data and processes on S/4HANA with minimized downtime and disruption. This is delivered through our pre-build ERP-aware data transformation content used successfully in over 15,000 projects, our highly automated analysis and our automated verification which greatly reduces the need for human-based testing. 

Illustrated person looking at a large laptop with an arrow going up and one going down, with the image of a cloud, representing cloud data integration

Data management and migration in the mining industry

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