Data Reduction Paves Way for Migration to the AWS Cloud

Austral Gold

“Thanks to SNP and their transformation tools, it was possible to have the exact amount of data needed in our system to achieve the migration of the ERP to the cloud and avoid any risk in the operation of our societies.“ Alejandro D. Ferrara, Corporate Business Systems Leader, Austral Gold Limited


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At a Glance

The Challenge

As a key part of its SAP ERP cloud migration project, Austral Gold needed to reduce the volume of data in the system. When evaluating the project, the company found a large amount of obsolete information in its database. As a result of this situation, SNP proposed a selective deletion without jeopardising the operation of the companies that were productive in the system.

The Benefits

  • Actual and early measurement of the percentage reduction of the database, key information to carry out the migration
  • Savings thanks to cloud storage resources

  • Lighter database that allows faster response times

The Solution

With the Australian company's objective in mind, SNP developed a transformation proposal called Clone & Delete. For both the customer and SNP, it was essential to take care of the information of the active companies while consistently deleting the data on the ad hoc tables – better known as Z tables. This required objects to be specifically defined by the customer along with a formal protocol for delivering the selection parameters for the deletion. SNP thus achieved consistent deletion of SAP standard information through predefined transformation objects and the analysis, development and rapid implementation of deletion objects for customer-specific data models (Z tables).

The project was a success due to several factors: the extensive previous experience in data deletion by SNP's consultants, the expert team and the thorough validation by Austral Gold.


Key Facts



4 months


24 hours

SNP products

CrystalBridge™ & Transformation Cockpit (Tc)

Company codes

10 company codes remained out of 171 existing company codes


SAP ERP AWS cloud migration including the modules FI, FINS, CO, EC, EC, MM, SD, PS, PM, PP.

About About Austral Gold





Sydney, Australia

Project type

Cloud migration

Austral Gold is an Australian-based precious materials (gold and silver) exploration and production company. Its portfolio of assets is mainly located in South America in countries such as Argentina and Chile, but it also has investments in mining assets in the United States. The company is listed on both the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:AGD) and the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSXV:AGLD). Its flagship project is the so-called "Guanaco - Amancaya Mining Complex" located in Chile.

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