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Flexible, Reliable SAP Data Integration to Snowflake Data Cloud

SNP and Snowflake have collaborated to reduce data latency in integrating SAP data with the Snowflake Data Cloud. Through this collaboration, we are providing customers with a proven solution and a Snowflake specific innovation that helps them realize the value of SAP data within the Snowflake Data Cloud. The aim was to not only reduce the latency of the data flow from SAP to Snowflake, but also to make the data instantly available for insights, applications, and AI/ML innovations as soon as it lands in Snowflake, taking the partnership to a new level.

Learn from the Snowflake experts themselves on how to leverage SNP Glue and the Snowflake Connector to effortlessly bring SAP data to the Snowflake Data Cloud. By enabling customers to rapidly access the right data at the right time, SNP and Snowflake help bridge the gap between data and its value to improve decision-making to stay ahead in an ever-changing data environment.

Attend this webinar to learn:
  • More about the SNP Glue and the Snowflake connector featuring the Data Streaming for SAP Native Application in the Snowflake Marketplace.

  • How customers can leverage this SAP certified approach to stream SAP data directly into Snowflake.

Who should attend:
  • CTO’s, Director of Data Platforms, Head of Data & Analytics, VP Data & Analytics, VP Data Engineering, and Data Engineers

  • Current and new Snowflake customers running SAP

Featured Speakers


Benjamin Deaver

Sr. Solution Architect at SNP


Ripu Jain

Sr. Partner Engineer at Snowflake

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Since: 1/25/2024

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