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Industry Matters in SAP Data Migrations

Every industry is unique; this is not a new concept. When people think about industry differences they commonly cite the physical differences, complexities, and end usage of products. Below this layer, there can be vast differences with respect to process complexities and regulatory reporting requirements. These differences account for hundreds of additional tables and enhancements to support these processes and reports in SAP. Just how important is industry knowledge when conducting an SAP migration? We will discuss the nature of industry-specific data requirements, and offer some recent SNP client examples. We will also discuss how SNP mitigates delivery and industry-specific risks using our CrystalBridge® automation platform.


Who Should Attend: 
  • Executives and Decision Makers
  • Industry Professionals 
  • SAP IT and Technology Managers
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Darren Shaw

A&D Competency Leader & VP of Marketing at SNP


When: 10/5/2023, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: Online Session

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