Coles sets up SAP S/4HANA finance core in five months utilising the SNP BLUEFIELD™ approach


The Challenge

Ahead of its demerger from Wesfarmers Group, Coles seized the opportunity to take a step forward in its ongoing digital transformation strategy. While divesting was a legal obligation as part of the sale, Coles chose to adopt a global core finance system that would not only enable efficiencies in Coles’ Smarter Selling strategy but also provide a stable, secure and innovative foundation for the future. A key component of the project was to maintain in-flight projects and empower future initiatives. This project was considered mission critical and included reporting flows onto the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

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The solution

The very ambitious five-month timeline to implement the new system was accentuated by the project falling on the year-end, the busiest time of the year for Coles. In order to meet these objectives, Coles decided to use SNP’s Data Transformation Platform CrystalBridge to perform a BLUEFIELD™ migration, which enabled the selective data migration of only required data and customisations

  • Rapid & innovative implementation: Project completed in five months, encompassing 12 years of historical data and custom configuration
  • No business disruption: Near zero downtime at cutover and only minimal change management required
  • One Go Live: Simultaneous implementation of multiple projects

Key facts

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    Project type

    BLUEFIELD™ migration and S/4HANA conversion

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    S/4HANA upgrade including data history transfer, move to cloud and New General Ledger conversion

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    Five months

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SNP‘s BLUEFIELD™ approach does the impossible of taking the old system of SAP and automating a large part of the migration of not only the data but all of the other parts and interfaces of our old system, ensuring that we could go live with S/4HANA.

Roger Sniezek

Chief Information and Digital Officer at Coles


About Coles


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