Single platform solution for more than thirty holding companies

Grupo Olmos

The Challenge

By 2016, the Olmos Group had more than ten multiple accounting and management systems that were not integrated across its more than thirty companies. They lacked integrated economic and financial reports in line with the rest of the Group and did not have unified standards and procedures. This situation made it impossible for the company to know the accounting impact of the tasks performed by the operating sectors. Finally, Grupo Olmos needed to reverse the lack of systemic controls to avoid duplicate payments.

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Our collaboration with Grupo Olmos & the resulting Benefits

The project consisted of several stages. Initially, during 2016, a solution was designed for the digitisation, approval and registration of supplier invoices, based on Open Text tools and workflow development in SAP R/3. In order to optimise and transform the process from Need to Payment, it was decided to incorporate Opentext's SAP ARIBA and VIM solution, by means of a Public Tender.

  • Integration of the different areas and businesses in the same system.
  • Real-time financial reporting
  • Standardisation of circuits and processes in the Group

Key Facts

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    11 months

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We believe that the key success factors were, among others, the support and commitment of the Group President, the adherence to the SAP standard, the support of SNP with whom we implemented, the trainings, the unit and comprehensive quality tests, as well as the cleanliness and completeness of data to be migrated.

Silvina Ussia

Project Manager, Grupo Olmos

About Grupo Olmos


Grupo Olmos was born in Mendoza, Argentina, as a health services company. health services company. However, over the course of twenty years, the company has become a holding company with participation in different areas of the Argentine
economy. Grupo Olmos has more than six thousand employees and companies in the health, media and insurance sectors such as Buenos Aires Servicios de Salud - BASA, Diario Crónica and Crónica TV, Revista Veintitrés, Underground Producciones and
Evolución Seguros, among others.



Buenos Aires, Argentina






Salud, medios, seguros