Three companies unified in a single portal


The Challenge

The companies Nidera and Noble were acquired by the COFCO group. Each company had its own portal through which they conducted their operations. In the process of integrating the three companiesthe client had three possible alternatives. On the one hand, to keep COFCO's portal and incorporate Nidera's SAP model. The second alternative was to build a new portal and merge it with Nidera's SAP model.with Nidera's model or, as a third alternative, to convert Nidera's consultation website and make extensions that would allow the main functionality of COFCO's website to be retained.

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The Solution and Benefits

To solve this problem, by means of SAP Business Technology Platform and Fiori Launchpad technologies, SNP decided to unify all the portals into a single one where its customers can sell grain to Nidera.On the other hand, this solution allowed the client to obtain high security due to the robustness of its connection and encryption protocols. The mobile capability of this solution is very high and it is possible to develop applications for IOS and Android without any difficulty. In addition, through the Fiori technology, the user experience was improved, allowing fluid front ends. The latest SAP Business Technology Platform technology provided high scalability as it turns the platform into a service and being a cloud platform, technological obsolescence cannot occur.

  • A world-class integrated solution was implemented with the best SAP HANA technology, giving greater performance, robustness and exponential security to the entire system.
  • Increased versatility in execution times for trading and analytical transactions on a single platform.
  • New presentation layer aimed at simplifying and simplifying the use of the application by the user.

The SAP Business Technology Platform implementation project was a great challenge because at the same time a merger project was carried out, where most of the users defined as key-users did not know the backend (SAP), hence the great merit of the result!

Andres Fermepin

SAP Solution Specialist and Software Engineering Leader, COFCO International



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