Dorothea Knaup


I owe the progress I’ve made to my colleagues as well. It’s great to see that they believed in me and supported me. Today, I pass on to my colleagues what made me grow at SNP back then.

Dorothea Knaup

Manager Product Development | Solution Manager S/4


How I started at SNP

Getting an internship with little practical experience? While studying business informatics, at first that seemed impossible. But SNP opened the doors for me. And still today I see that motivated applicants are valued here, even with little professional experience. Thanks to a variety of onboarding tasks and a dedicated mentor during my practical semester, I was quickly able to work on projects independently – true to the motto “learning by doing”. SNP offered me an incredibly welcoming and supportive environment to start my career.

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Three illustrated people, two women and one man, arrange large puzzle pieces with large coins on the ground representing revenue, a clock representing project timelines

My “be more” journey

After my studies, I knew that this was not the end of my journey at SNP, and I joined the nine-month trainee program in 2016. After four months of theory and five months in the Transformation Cockpit team, I was promoted to Junior and after two more years to Intermediate. Within my role as a software engineer and the additional responsibilities as a requirements engineer, I joined another team in 2021 and was able to gain new experiences. In this team, I was promoted to Senior and also took on my first tasks as a product owner. In April 2023, I became a team lead. Now I want to offer my colleagues the same support I received. I want to enable them to rise higher, to try out new things with courage and to celebrate success together. Because my colleagues’ success motivates me at least as much as my own. 

What “Be more” means to me: 

•    Seeing new challenges as opportunities
•    Actively taking the lead, not remaining in the background
•    Learning from mistakes, not losing courage
•    Continuously obtaining feedback 
•    Working with commitment and pleasure
•    Helping each other, even across teams
•    Being creative, thinking outside the box 
•    Discovering new possibilities
•    Developing personally as well as professionally