Migration to SAP Suite on HANA improves business performance for Drogueria del Sud by 40 percent

Droguería del Sud

The Challenge

The Argentinean company had a SAP ERP EhP 4 and a large MS SQL Server database. This implied problems in the maintenance of the database and a negative impact on the development of their transactions. The client was looking for upgrades and technical changes so they decided to migrate their system to SAP Suite on HANA using the Bluefield™ data migration approach.

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Our collaboration with Droguería del Sud & the resulting Benefits

The project consisted of an upgrade from SAP ERP EhP 4 to SAP ERP EhP 8 and a database change from MS SQL Server to Linus SUSE HANA including the conversion to Unicode. 90% of this was carried out remotely.

First of all, the development environment was founded using a copy of the original production system. For this purpose, an Empty Shell was created and a copy of it to be applied to the rest of the landscape. The project continued with the relevant code remediation in order to adapt the developments to the new model and progressed with the QAS environment, using the previously generated Empty Shell. The native SNP CME tool was used for data migration.

Near the end of the project, numerous functional tests were carried out, involving more than 500 test scenarios. In this same instance, the SNP team managed two mock migrations of the productive environment: the first with functional validation and integration tests; and the second only with technical validation and with the objective of reducing downtime. The migration to SAP Suite on HANA had an immediate impact on the client's performance without impacting their configurations and developments.

  • The Bluefield™ approach resolved the anomalies in the production environment due to the age of the client's legacy ERP.
  • The Bluefield™ migration strategy enabled a defect free Go Live with the system fully operational from day one.
  • Business performance improved by 40%.
  • Speed of execution increased by 40% including online transactions.

Key Facts

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    6 months

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    Project type

    Migration to SAP Suite on HANA

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    SAP Users


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    48 hours

For the estimated timeframe of the SAP Suite on HANA migration project, a successful completion would not have been possible without SNP’s BLUEFIELD approach.

Ricardo Concilio

IT Director, Droguería del Sud

About Droguería del Sud

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With more than 70 years of experience in the Argentine pharmaceutical market, Droguería del Sud is a distributor that supplies medicines, perfumery products, pharmaceutical and hospital supplies throughout the country. Thanks to its investments in technology, the company is a leader in logistics and distribution through its network of more than 8000 associated pharmacies.



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