Reorganizes SAP Data in Response to Local Legislative Changes


“SNP and the CrystalBridge transformation software were clearly the right solution for the transformation of our SAP landscape in Eastern Europe. The project was very successful, and the SNP team’s flexibility and professionalism provided a seamless experience within a challenging environment.“ Vincent Petit, ERP and Finance Systems IT Director, Inchcape PLC



At a Glance

The Challenge

Evonik planned to set up an independent superabsorbents business (plastics capable of absorbing many times their own weight in liquids) to pave the way for a sale. This involved separating the business from the existing SAP S/4HANA system and transferring it to a separate client. The goal was therefore a carve-out from and to SAP S/4HANA: Evonik broke new ground with this project, as it was one of the first SAP S/4HANA carve-outs in the market. Another challenge was that internal IT projects such as release changes and upgrades had to be carried out at the same time. 

The Benefits

  • System knowledge and SNP expertise in the areas of SAP S/4HANA and carve-outs made it possible to start the project immediately.

  • Despite additional requirements, the carve-out was carried out quickly, securely and successfully with the flexible SNP solution.
  • The software-based approach – unparalleled in the SAP S/4HANA environment – relieved the burden on Evonik’s internal IT team, allowing it to move forward with other projects at the same time.

The Solution

How could they achieve their objectives fast? Well, the first thing to do was to find out what their options were, taking into consideration all ongoing projects. This is where SNP’s CrystalBridge® analysis software came into play, offering a fact-based assessment of their current systems. This showed Inchcape that, although it was a more complex approach, the best solution for them was to consolidate their Eastern and Central European systems and isolate and relocate their Russian entity.

SNP used the conflict analysis function of CrystalBridge® to understand the differences and commonalties between the source and target systems, highlighting any potential issues to be handled during the design and build phase. This reduced design changes and additional data loads, ultimately reducing the overall timescale of the project.

Using the CrystalBridge® transformation software, Inchcape were able to carve out and transform the Eastern European data, migrating it to their Central European system. The migration was rapid thanks to the software automation, and the certainty of the outcome provided Inchcape added peace of mind. Saving time up front with the analysis phase also meant that Inchcape had longer to test, further building their confidence in the solution and migration.

A scope change caused by a knock-on effect of another project did delay the go-live for Latvia. But the Latvian migration was achieved two months later with just one test cycle and one cutover cycle – and all without impacting the overall project.



Key Facts

Project Type

Carve-Out & Merge


The conflict analysis highlighted potential issues for Inchcape and SNP to manage during the design and build phase of the project. The SNP scans and conflict analysis reports helped to expedite workshops and focus on issues. This reduced the overall timescale by cutting down on the number of design changes and additional data loads.





6 months (+2 for Latvia)

Countries involved

UK, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia

Systems in scope




During the client carve-out from and to SAP S/4HANA, the following tasks were performed:

  • Separating the superabsorbents business of the Performance Materials division from the company code of the existing SAP ERP system and transferring it to a new company code.
  • Performing a client carve-out via SAP organizational units as well as partly by time slice.
  • Incorporating dependent personnel data and business partners from other companies not defined in the original scope.



SNP Products

CrystalBridge® Transformation Suite

About Inchcape



London, UK


£ 6.8 million (2020)




17,300 (2021)

Inchcape Plc is an independent, multi-brand automotive distributor with operations that span countries on five continents. Inchcape are present in 36 national markets and operate as a key strategic partner to the world’s foremost premium and luxury car brands.

In addition, Inchcape operate across every link of the post-factory automotive value chain for OEM partners and provide vehicle lifecycle services.

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