Remotely and without customizing: A successful post-merger integration

During IT integration processes in the course of mergers or acquisitions, data, processes and proprietary developments of SAP modules often need to be laboriously adapted to the target system.

2/15/2021  |  3 min


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Making this merger and migration work

However, this was not the case at Schwenk Zement KG, a leading German manufacturer of building materials. Thanks to the automated transformation software from SNP, the migration project was implemented quickly, securely and remotely - despite pandemic-related restrictions. Here's the complete success story.

Following the acquisition of a new cement plant in Latvia, Schwenk Zement KG, which is headquartered in Germany and counts 3,500 employees worldwide, was faced with the task of performing a post-merger integration. On the IT side, the seller's SAP ERP system, or more precisely the control system and source, was to be integrated into Schwenk's IT landscape as quickly and smoothly as possible. The SAP target system included the Finance, Controlling, Sales & Distribution, and Materials Management and Plant Maintenance modules.

Challenge: Transfering data, processes and customizing with no changes

In principle, the IT integration had to be carried out as part of a one-to-one approach. This meant that existing data and processes, as well as the customizing - i.e. specific additions to the predefined SAP modules - had to be transferred in the same manner in which they had been implemented. There was to be no standardization or harmonization of data and processes, accompanied by the simultaneous migration of all historical data.

Data migration: Schwenk relies on BLUEFIELD approach

Schwenk Zement KG entrusted the software and IT consulting company SNP with the project implementation. The transformation experts used their own automated BLUEFIELD approach to transfer the data and customizing to the target system without time-consuming customization and harmonization. In the process, the functionality of all important SAP features and processes was secured throughout. The integration was carried out in a one-to-one approach, as required.

Successful post-merger integration in times of the pandemic

Despite the difficult circumstances due to pandemic-related restrictions, all activities in the final project phase were carried out remotely, according to plan and within the specified schedule. Further, all agreed project goals were achieved.

After twelve months, Schwenk Zement KG had successfully completed the complex migration project.

Project at a glance: Advantages of BLUEFIELD

  • Migration of master and transaction data
  • Go-live takes place completely remotely
  • Migration of all historical data
  • Simplified adjustment in the event of process changes


  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • S/4HANA
  • System Landscape Optimization for SAP