Data Migration Planning: Preparation, Tools and Partners are Key

If you’re one of the 69% of companies want to switch rapidly to S4/HANA in the next 12 months, you’re going to have to move your data. Much like moving to a new house and carrying your furniture in, the data migration process can be difficult and stressful.

10/13/2022  |  2 min


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The data migration process is complicated – don’t underestimate the time requirements

However, cleaning up before you move and using experienced experts can make all the difference. Choosing the right data migration tools and partners are key.

With all the processes in a large ERP system, it’s no wonder organizations underestimate the amount of time and effort the data migration process takes. The extent of the preparation of your data ahead of the big move can have an outsized impact on how long the project takes, the resources needed to finish it, and any unexpected IT system downtime. By picking the right data migration tool and transformation partner, you can stay on top of the expenses and costs throughout the project, which is something 72% companies struggle with, according to the Valantic study.

Using the right data migration tool is key – but not the only consideration

While data migration tools certainly streamline the process, there is more to data migration than just moving the same things from one place to another. To take full advantage of a new ERP system like S4/HANA, your organization will want to make decisions about which data is still useful. It’s not unusual to have 30-35% of unused data, which would take up valuable resources to migrate, for little to no business benefit. This is why working with an experienced transformation partner as well as picking the correct data migration tools makes such an impact on the success of your data migration project.

Cleaning up your data before you migrate

You only want to move what you need to your new system. But It’s not only data that needs to be cleaned up and checked, but any related customizations and in-house developments. It may seem tempting to start completely fresh, once you’re faced with the list of all the elements to be reviewed. However, while starting fresh with a greenfield approach looks simple on the surface, there is the matter of replacing those customizations which your organization still needs. This hybrid approach of selecting only what data you need is the technique of choice for a third of companies making the transition to S4/HANA in 2022 Research Services by Foundry study.

Get the most up to date information for your data migration planning

Our white paper How to Make Your Move to SAP S/4HANA® a Success pulls together new current data (2020-2022) on different companies’ approaches to their data migration, as well as our own analyses of over 400 successful migration projects. Get an overview of what approaches companies like yours are taking when it comes to their S4/HANA data migrations in over 30 pages of insights from data transformation experts.


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