Don’t Let Poor Test Data Ruin Your SAP Transformation Project

October 7, 2021 at 2:00PM GMT

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We expect many SAP customers will be planning or embarking on their next transformation project, either driven by business change such as new markets, legislation, merger & acquisition, or possibly as a result of a technical re-platform or application release upgrade. If your business-critical systems run on SAP then these projects can be rather complex, needing sensible planning and effective delivery to be successful. One of the main pitfalls is not testing change effectively prior to cut-over and go-live. As a result, projects are delayed and the business is impacted with pro-longed periods of disruption, time pressure, and worst-case not having systems available and functioning effectively post go-live.

SAP system landscapes are complex, with large numbers of environments, huge volumes of data, and many interfaces. Using standard approaches to provision data for testing is not straightforward for large businesses and as such provision of current data can be overlooked. Taking this shortcut can be fatal to the success of a project. 

Please join SNP in this session to understand how this very real issue can be addressed.

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