Global SAP Implementations at Warp Speed


SAP Implementations with Speed and Pinpoint Precision

Moving to one global ERP system can greatly simplify and reduce the costs of application lifecycle management, enabling easier adaptation to future business changes. But international SAP deployments via traditional, labor-intensive methods are a challenging path. In addition to aligning and harmonizing system processes and data across geographies, organizations must keep international legal and compliance considerations top of mind. Adding to this complexity, some local sites may choose to carve out their SAP instance from the central organization to better meet local market conditions and enable business process customization.

CrystalBridge, SNP's proprietary transformation software, scans your existing SAP landscape, no matter its territory and complexity, and converts the existing landscape into an easy-to-read visual view. CrystalBridge then lets organizations use this landscape readout to simulate the impact after the global SAP rollout, carve out, cloud move, or migration. CrystalBridge is the “command center” where you can conceive, plan, and execute as your organization undergoes transformation at any scale.

Creating Synergies in Your SAP Global Rollout

SNP transformation software goes a step beyond consolidating and meeting the requirements of your global SAP implementation. Informed by over 7,000 transformation projects, SNP automation offerings help you assess and select the most efficient business processes by collecting key business indicators. The "winning" processes can then be rolled out in the harmonized environment. The result is process simplification and optimization within the central SAP system. Ultimately, the enterprise will benefit from a streamlined, optimized IT landscape to support future growth.

SNP White Paper:

Carve Out: Optimum Adaptation to Target Markets

As organizations roll out SAP across new geographies, plants and branch offices are deciding to withdraw from their central SAP ERP system to better tailor their business processes to local market conditions. But transferring data to a dedicated local solution costs considerable time and money and many organizations are hesitant to take the plunge. Download this SNP white paper to learn how automation can zero the risk and concern associated with traditional SAP carve outs.
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SNP Success Story:

ESPRIT's Global Change Request Management Optimization

When ESPRIT wanted to introduce a transparent change process across all workflows, system landscapes and requirements, SNP's process expertise and experience with SAP Solution Manager met the clothing manufacturer's needs. Download now to learn how SNP helped ESPRIT to cut the number of changes outside of predefined releases by over 70 percent.


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CrystalBridge: Your Transformation Command Center