Harmonize Multiple SAP Systems.



Merger: The optimal integration of system landscapes

Mergers and acquisitions can help organizations to secure their further growth and also their very existence. A fusion also offers the opportunity to optimize processes and achieve more dynamism in regard of internal restructuring processes or the consolidation of individual divisions. However, the strategic planning and implementation of associated change processes can pose a challenge even for experienced managers. Especially at the beginning of corporate transformations it is often underestimated how complex corporate mergers can be.

In times of digital change, the success of a fusion or the acquisition of new business units increasingly depends on the early integration of IT. IT infrastructures, data and processes must be brought together and adapted to the new business model in the best possible way. The aim is to keep downtimes of business-critical systems to a minimum and to make the optimum use of synergy effects. 

SNP's software and services help you to execute transformations quickly and securely. The automated and highly transparent solutions enable even the most complex business transformations to be optimally planned, simulated and executed. Conventional time frames for post-merger project integration can be reduced by up to 75 percent – thus you can attain the desired value of your consolidated company faster.

SNP White Paper:

Five Factors for a Successful Transformation

Companies that align business and IT processes see better success from carve-out and M&A transformations. The key is a clear line of sight into the existing SAP landscape and how it impacts business processes — a view only CrystalBridge, your transformation command center, can provide.

SNP goes a step beyond simply merging your systems into one working consolidated environment. Informed by over 7,000 transformation projects, SNP automation offerings are built to help you assess and select the most efficient processes across systems by collecting key business indicators associated with each one.

The best processes can then be incorporated into the final processes that are rolled out in the harmonized environment. The result is process simplification and optimization within the SAP systems. Once the harmonization is complete, your organization will benefit from a streamlined, optimized IT landscape to support future growth initiatives.

Download this white paper to discover the other key factors for a successful transformation.


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SNP Success Story:

PATRIZIA Immobilien's Merger of Seven Company Codes in Twelve Weeks

As a result of internal restructuring, real estate provider PATRIZIA Immobilien AG needed to merge seven company codes into one. All transactions had to be reassigned retroactively to the beginning of the year, and existing inter-company relationships needed to be dissolved. In just twelve weeks, the SNP transformation platform completed the planning and testing process successfully. The error-free merge itself was carried out over the weekend, so that on Monday morning, the company was able to begin working with their new company code. Download now to read the full story.


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SNP Webinar

Post-merger Integration – Accelerate The Merger of SAP Systems

Mergers and acquisitions necessitate very complex system integrations and data migrations, especially in the ERP landscape. In addition to the IT infrastructure, of course, business applications and business data must be brought together.

Register to our webinar to learn more about:

  • More flexible implementation through the early integration of IT
  • Combining business applications and business data
  • Utilizing synergy effects in the infrastructure and shared processes



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