CrystalBridge® – Automated Moves

Move to the Cloud Rapidly with CrystalBridge®

Companies are increasingly identifying cloud computing as a driver for their own digital transformation and are shifting software, disk space or computing power to the Internet. This reduces the burden on IT resources and significantly lowers hardware costs.  Access to systems from any location is made possible, allowing your employees maximum flexibility.

From switching to a different database or operating system to moving to the cloud, SAP® moves can be challenging. But moving to the cloud with software can reduce risks. Unlike manual moves, automated moves are much less error-prone and consume fewer resources.

With our help, you can tailor your move project exactly to your requirements. Minimal downtime ensures that your day-to-day operations continue as usual.

The CrystalBridge transformation platform combines transformation knowledge, experience and technology built up over 25 years. 






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CrystalBridge® – Move Scenario Module


Analysis of systems and organizational structures in order to plan transformation projects. Your customized transformation strategy is developed based on the results.


Innovative cloud-based solution for a consistent and reliable implementation of your business strategy. We support your move to the cloud by determining the optimal dimensioning of the target system in real time and automated deployment in the Azure Cloud.


Empty copy of the source system as initial target system for selective data migration to reduce system downtime.


Transformation rule set to migrate with maximum speed, accuracy and efficiency while reducing business disruption.