CrystalBridge – Scenario Merge

No mission is too difficult. Merge the most uniquely customized SAP systems into one with the SNP transformation platform. Our software replaces labor-intensive, repetitive tasks in your SAP post-merger integration project with automated processes. Visually plan your transformation based on existing landscape data to easily spot SAP customizations that can be standardized across the consolidated SAP landscape.

The SNP transformation platform supports every SAP post-merger integration scenario:

  • Any to any
  • Single harmonized processes
  • Retire redundant systems
  • International/global harmonization

Using the first standard software for business and IT transformation, SNP automatically identifies all objects and data that need to be merged with the system consolidation and uncovers, converts, and migrates even very large data sets into the harmonized system.


Analysis of systems and organizational structures in order to plan, scope and simulate transformation projects.



Empty copy of the source system as an initial target system for the selective  data migration to reduce system downtime.


Transformation rule set to migrate with maximum speed, accuracy and efficiency while reducing business disruption.