CrystalBridge – Scenario Interface Management

Are you identifying interfaces across your SAP landscape manually? How can you be sure your documentation will remain up to date as your SAP systems grow and change?

Undocumented or obsolete interfaces can create significant security risks, while outdated and incompatible interfaces can lead to severe disruptions in business operations. Interfaces are critical to business processes, ensuring the exchange of information within your system landscape and with external partners. A complete and up-to-date interface record is an indispensable basis for planning, interface monitoring, and implementing the landscape changes required for re-engineering or transformation projects.

Interface Management enables accurate, software-based identification of all SAP interfaces across your entire landscape. This provides a real-time, updated view into your SAP interfaces at any time with minimal effort. Take advantage of our automated interface identification software to:

  • Analyze and document interfaces automatically
  • Gather valuable insights into your system landscape and any changes that have occurred over time
  • Identify and eliminate unused interfaces and connections that are no longer needed
  • Optimize business processes
  • Increase the agility and security of your IT systems
  • Identify potential exposure to costly indirect licensing fees

Discover, document and analyze the interface landscape of a SAP system landscape.