CrystalBridge – Scenario Carve-Out

CrystalBridge puts you in command of the most complex transformations. As you prepare to divest or spin off business units, you can visualize your existing SAP landscapes, blueprint the entire transformation journey, and simulate post-carve-out impacts — all before you actually execute the transformation. Then, from the CrystalBridge command center, you can swiftly execute the carve-out. Close the gap between business strategy and IT execution by predicting transformation outcomes and executing with precision.

Splitting a 50 TB SAP Landscape - It can be done in 36 hours or less. How? With automation. In 2015, SNP software was deployed to successfully split one of the world's largest technology companies' 50 TB database — five times that of the entire U.S. Library of Congress — into two separate, publicly-traded instances. SNP transformation processes have been refined and developed through over 10,000 transformation projects. SNP automation software, combined with a unique understanding only SNP can offer, is the perfect solution for carve-out success.


Analysis of systems and organizational structures in order to plan, scope and simulate transformation projects.



Empty copy of the source system as an initial target system for the selective  data migration to reduce system downtime.


Transformation rule set to migrate with maximum speed, accuracy and efficiency while reducing business disruption.