Module 1: CrystalBridge® The Data Transformation Platform

Get to know SNP | The Data Transformation Company with its products and services. Discover important transformation triggers and approaches. Also find out which Scenarios, Modules and Components are provided by CrystalBridge® – The Data Transformation Platform to support your transformation projects.  



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Module 2S: Winning Deals with CrystalBridge®

Discover the key benefits of SNP partnerships and find out the unique added value of CrystalBridge® and the SNP BLUEFIELD™ approach. Convince potential customers of purchasing SNP products by using strong valid sales arguments.

Module 2S e-learning & Q&A web session


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Module 2P: Guiding Customers along their Transformation Journey

Learn about how the BLUEFIELD™ approach and CrystalBridge® can ease your customer´s transformation journey. Understand how customers can benefit from SNP value drivers.

Module 2S e-learning & Q&A web session


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Module 2A: CrystalBridge® – Analysis

Use CrystalBridge® Cloud Stack to analyze SAP systems exploring the different functionalities it has. Get to know the concept of migration blueprints and learn how the Components Customizing, Repository and Master Data can support you in transformation projects.

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Module Shell: Empty Target System

Learn how to use SNP Empty Target System (Et) including scoping, Rapid Empty Shell Creation (RESC) settings and configuration as well as logging and error solving.

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Module TD: CrystalBridge® Test Data Organizer Training

Get to know the essential functions for the use of CrystalBridge® Test Data Organizer (TDO).

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Module ID: CrystalBridge® - Interface Discovery

Get to know the functions of the SNP Interface Discovery, beginning with the installation and the required configuration up to the different evaluation possibilities.

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Module 3: Transformation Basics

Learn the basics about Mission Control and the Guided Procedure applied in transformation projects. Find out how they relate to Transformation Cockpit and other SNP software components. Gain practical first-hand experience using our software.

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Module 4: Crystal Bridge® – Walk Through S/4 Mission Control

Use the guided procedure of S/4 Mission Control to execute a complete S/4HANA sample project in a risk free environment via (self-)click simulations.

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Module 5: Transformation Module Advanced – Carve Out

Transformation Cockpit Deep Dives covering most relevant cases which are not covered in software jump-off along the Mission Control Guided Procedures

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SNP Academy Contact

SNP Academy Contact

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