Overview of SNP Software & Services

This training course provides an overview of SNP transformation solutions. Employees learn all the essential functions for working on transformation projects that are based on SNP Transformation Backbone®.


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Analysis for Clear Scenarios

Based on preliminary or detailed analysis options for transformation projects, participants learn to precisely define the scope, complexity, and an effective project plan. This course imparts the software skills required for implementing and evaluating our analysis programs.

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SNP Transformation Cockpit

In this training course, participants learn basic information for the design, configuration,
and implementation of projects in
SNP Transformation Cockpit.

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SNP Transformation Cockpit – Advanced

This training course requires basic knowledge of SNP Transformation Cockpit and introduces expert features to the participants.

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SNP Dragoman

In this training course, participants learn how to use SNP Dragoman and get to know all the possibilities the software offers to make the translation process as simple and effective as possible.

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SNP Interface Scanner

This training course teaches participants the functions of SNP Interface Scanner, from installation and the required configuration through to the different evaluation possibilities.

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SNP Data Provisioning & Masking

This training course introduces SNP Data Provisioning & Masking, which enables you to effectively create relevant test data on your systems, including the essential feature of data anonymization.

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