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SNP Outboard™ Datafridge

Decommission your SAP systems

Cost-effectively store your data through mass archiving

Outboard Datafridge is a lean solution for decommissioning legacy systems. It supports mass archiving and moves your obsolete data to a cost-effective storage solution – including retention management, legal hold, data destruction and flexible access to data and documents.

We recommend using cost-effective cloud-based solutions to store your data. However, Datafridge also supports other on-premise and cloud platforms including compliant storage – the interface connection to the archive platform is certified by SAP SE.

Your legacy data is accessible via the standard SAP UI, making it easy for users to view their data and documents. This allows you to search, display, export and analyze legacy data effectively, conveniently and at any time, for example when requested for a tax audit.

Datafridge also allows you to define individual retention rules depending on the document type. This means that obsolete data is deleted from your system once retention periods expire via an automated process. This ensures compliance with current data privacy legislation and keeps your data hosting costs within your budget.

Datafridge has been certified by KPMG according to IDW PS 880. 

Success Story

Outboard handled the customizations brilliantly, allowing us to make Z transactions archive-relevant. The seamless nature that the product has to retrieve old and new data, even with our customizations, is one of the main reasons we chose SNP.

Mathew Alves

Director of Enterprise Applications at United Farmers of Alberta

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