Test Data Management: Refreshing Non-Production SAP ERP Systems

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Non-production data quality has a massive impact on your organization’s ability to support fast-moving transformation requirements (such as M&AD, new technology upgrades, and leveraging cloud platforms for operations). Expedited transformation is enticing, and can lead to a multitude of benefits for your customers, but in order to accelerate software development, automate quality assurance processes, and successfully launch new business functions, you must first ensure your data meets enterprise-class standards. The Solution: Implementing an efficient, standardized provisioning process that secures your non-production data while improving overall quality.

With SNP CrystalBridge – Test Data Organizer, SNP offers a standard software application for providing realistic and secure test data. CrystalBridge helps you decisively shorten your development and change processes, makes test and training scenarios affordable, and at the same time protects your sensitive personal data from internal and external misuse – flexibly, quickly, and with little effort. Register for our webinar to learn about the benefits CrystalBridge can provide your organization, in addition to how SNP has partnered with Virtustream, a Dell Technologies Business, to provide Test Data Management Services for SAP customers running on the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud

In this virtual session, SNP & Virtustream will highlight:   

  • How Virtustream is working together with SNP to deliver Test Data Management Services for SAP that benefit enterprise customers
  • How to optimize the size of non-production environments to reduce storage costs
  • How to create test environments and replicate production data more efficiently
  • How mask and scramble sensitive SAP data in non-production environments
  • How to regularly update quality assurance systems   

You should attend this virtual session if you are:   

  • Responsible for: improving the quality of development, test, and training data while ensuring compliance
  • Business title contains: Senior SAP Business Systems Analyst or IT Manger/Director, SAP Security Analyst, SAP QA Test Analyst, SAP Basis


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