Move to the Cloud Rapidly and Automatically

Companies are increasingly identifying cloud computing as a driver for their own digital transformation and are shifting software, storage space, or computing power to the Internet. But how can they transition into the public or private cloud as effectively as possible? Migrating existing systems with a long operational history is an especially challenging task – even for IT experts.

SNP's solutions from the CrystalBridge software suite provide you with innovative migration tools. These tools help you to considerably accelerate and simplify your transformation processes. The software developed for SAP systems enables cloud migration at low risk and with near-zero downtime. SNP's SAP data migration approach covers the entire project life cycle from planning through to final implementation.

The disruption of business-critical processes is minimized compared with traditional migration methods, which require prolonged system downtimes. This allows companies to benefit sooner from the advantages of their chosen cloud solution, drive their own digital change forward, and secure competitive advantages.




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