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Automate system housekeeping and save valuable time


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Automate system housekeeping and save valuable time.

Up to 40% of your database is filled up with no-value data.


Let´s face it – no one likes housekeeping. So why not automate it and get rid of Data with no value?

Every SAP system transaction creates temporary and technical data which is stored and replicated in back-up systems, taking up to 40% of your storage space. This data clutter slows down your system’s performance and adds to your operational costs.

OutBoard Housekeeping is a fully automated software that helps you keep your SAP landscape lean and clean. To guarantee safety, temporary data can be stored temporarily in a highly compressed format before it gets deleted.

Automation of repetetive tasks to free up time and reduce operational costs of SAP landscapes

  • Pre-defined housekeeping tasks updated regularly for cross-system housekeeping (BW, ERP, CRM, SRM, BW/4HANA, S/4HANA etc.)
  • Automation of repetitive, time consuming administration tasks to further reduce your operational costs
  • Centralized landscape management for complex landscapes (Set up, Documentation, Scheduling & Monitoring)
  • Pre-configured clean-up activities for HANA migrations
  • Unique RecycleBin concept for additional safety and housekeeping potential
    Quick and easy installation

No more manual housekeeping, more time and budget for innovation

Get transparency
on activities
in a complex landscape


Get visibility across your
housekeeping activities
in complex SAP landscapes
leveraging dashboards
and advanced visualization
features in SAP Fiori.

Shrink system size


Harness additional functionality
of RecycleBin to
additionally shrink
the system size keeping
the data clean-up
safe and consistent.

Lower operational costs


Reduce costs and save time
by automating time-consuming
and repetitive tasks related
to SAP housekeeping.

Drive innovation


Free up your resources to focus on innovation activities that deliver competitive advantage for your business.

Digital transformation


Leverage from advanced features for SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA and BW/4HANA. Get ready and clean up your system with pre-defined housekeeping activities to enable digital transformation.

Improve system


Meet business demands
significantly faster
with healthier and
leaner SAP landscape.