Automation of the SAP® Translation Process


Simplify and Accelerate Your Translation Processes for SAP® Systems

During global rollouts, development projects and in day-to-day business, it is increasingly challenging to coordinate the translation process, for example when translating user interface texts or forms.
In SAP® standard systems, there are limited options for translating language-dependent texts. Translators not only need specific SAP skills but also access to the translation systems. Translation activities in SAP systems and the associated changes lead to increased time and costs, especially if multiple languages are required and large amounts of texts need to be translated.
Involving external translators without knowledge of the SAP environment can cause problems, and external users can also be a security threat because they require system access.
SNP Dragoman is a software product that helps to automate the end-to-end translation process based on the basic principle of “externalization”, i.e. all texts to be translated are exported to files for manual translation and/or machine translation. Internal or external translators can work offline and do not need system access. Furthermore, specific knowledge of the SAP user interface or SAP development and customizing objects is no longer needed.
SNP Dragoman's central translation memory stores previously translated terms and allows translators to reuse them.
Besides covering all customer-specific SAP development and customizing objects, SNP Dragoman also supports the translation of SAP namespaces in case a required language is not supported by SAP. It is also possible to translate master data texts and non-SAP apps, websites and mobile apps.
Furthermore, SNP Dragoman even allows the user to correct errors in the source language through a global “search and replace” feature, allowing them to replace outdated terms quickly and consistently.
When SAP users start using SNP Dragoman, already existing translations can be adopted to ensure a seamless transition.
All of these advantages combined lead to an optimized, secure and transparent translation process that significantly improves data quality. This speeds up processing times, reducing the effort required by up to 40% – or even up to 75% when several systems are involved.


SNP Success Story:

Over the course of the global rollout of SAP® R/3® within the Schaeffler Group, the company wanted to ensure that all standard and customized SAP objects would be output in the respective login language. The company also wanted the translation of individual objects to be possible without giving third parties access to the SAP systems. Find out how Schaeffler optimized their translation processes with SNP Dragoman.
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