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checklist Make your data work for you: innovate and stay compliant without breaking the budget

Data is a key strategic resource for every company. High-quality data ensures that processes run more smoothly and operations more efficiently, but even more importantly, it helps companies to better understand their customers, build better relationships, and seize opportunities for innovation and disruption. The key is to not only collect data, but also to accurately analyze and transform it into real value. However, the sheer volume of data creates ever increasing storage requirements and overall total cost of ownership (TCO), especially when running on state-of-the-art technologies such as SAP HANA.

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Archive Archive, analyze and automate all at once

SAP systems are easily cluttered with temporary data, low-value data, infrequently needed data or data which only needs to be stored for legal purposes. The first step is to identify this data and archive or delete it whenever possible. This lowers costs, improves data quality, ensures compliance and slows down data growth, creating long-term benefits for the company.

SNP Outboard ERP Archiving can help you identify the archiving potential of your system through standard SAP archiving and transactions, ensuring that end users can easily access the archived data in the same way as before.

The solution can cut your SAP database in half, slow down future data growth, and improve system information to set up archiving automatically – eliminating tedious, manual work.

Mitigate Mitigate risk and ensure compliance while supporting both your cloud and S/4HANA strategies

SNP Outboard ERP Archiving can not only cut your SAP database size by up to 50% prior to a move to S/4, but with our flexible storage management, you can store the archived data compliantly in the most cost-effective storage solution of your choice – including all the major cloud providers: Microsoft, Google and AWS.

This modular approach means that, even if your cloud strategy changes, you can easily adapt and always add or migrate to the latest technology, ensuring seamless, future-proof access to historical data.

However, data shouldn’t be kept forever. Whenever it’s not needed, or even when it’s legally required to destroy the data, SNP Outboard ERP Archiving straightforward capabilities for retention management and legal holds cover you for audits, GDPR, HIPAA, GBLA and much more.

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Success Story

Outboard handled the customizations brilliantly, allowing us to make Z transactions archive-relevant. The seamless nature that the product has to retrieve old and new data, even with our customizations, is one of the main reasons we chose SNP.

Mathew Alves

Director of Enterprise Applications at United Farmers of Alberta

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